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Foodie Nomad is a hub for globetrotters and foodies with a zest for life. It is about sharing insights, experiences on travel and the exploration of cultures and their culinary delights. To discover the world through food is nothing new but at Foodie Nomad, we hope to offer travel tips, advice and simply share a variety of stories from our own adventures. We welcome your submissions if you would like to share your own discoveries, passion and interests with us. Contact : info@foodienomad.com

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    This blog site is the result of wanting to share our first empty nest adventure; a luxury train trip across northern Spain. Our passion for travel, food, people and the many cultures that make our world a wonderful place has been a catalyst for this project and my debut travel book, Railway to Heaven (On board the luxury train in Spain) ISBN: 9781468970203. Available at Barnes and Noble.

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    “To travel is to live” (Hans Christian Andersen) and to explore the world through food makes travel and living even more interesting. Food and travel are intertwined. Savouring food at any destination, any time and place is a fulfilling way of getting acquainted with its heart and soul, its people, their history and culture.