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Travel and food are important interests my husband and I share and we have been fortunate to have travelled the world extensively. Through our work we visited numerous countries and even lived among the locals in some places. Throughout our travels, food was a major attraction and the defining feature of most of our exploits. One can say that we have literally discovered the world through food. Does this make us food experts? Probably not but for us, food and travel go hand in hand. Savouring homegrown food and local dishes is the most satisfying way to get to know the character and culture of a destination. Food and the evolution of dishes allow one to catch glimpses of the history of a town, region or country.

Now that we are empty nesters we have the time to pursue our passion once more. While raising twin boys was fulfilling and challenging we consider this turning point a wonderful time for us. It is not surprising then that the idea to share our travel and food experiences on this website germinated. After all, we now have the freedom to wander off and travel at our whim.

We resumed our pre- kids globetrotting lifestyle in earnest but this time around, the emphasis is the pursuit of our bucket list…a wish list of decadent adventures, with emphasis on luxury travel and elements of gastronomy thrown in the mix.

Our innate curiosity about food remains; how each meal is prepared, the influences in flavours and cooking styles are enough to drive us to write about it. As self-confessed foodies, we have tried to replicate some of the meals we have tasted during our travels; some quite successfully and quite a few that were dismal failures. With my mixed Asian and Hispanic heritage, understandably, I have a certain fondness for Mediterranean and Asian food. My husband on the other hand just loves to eat and drink, full stop. With your help, we hope we can make this site a place to go to for sharing adventures, food experiences and travel tips.

Natty Hernandez-McKernan
Author: Railway to Heaven (On board the luxury train in Spain)
ISBN: 9781468970203

Available at booktango.com

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